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Asked a question 6 months ago

Why am I not as sore after an X3 workout as I would be with a workout with weights?

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Within the first couple weeks of using the X3 you may be sore even after only one set per exercise. After you adapt to this new way of training that brings a much greater level of fatigue than weights can deliver, you should no longer be sore the next day after a workout ever again. After you are adapted to the extreme stimulus of the X3 you will never be sore again.  Soreness is a sign of overtraining and the result of a crappy workout.  You want to stimulate the muscle enough for growth but not overwork it and cause tearing of the muscle fibers. With the X3 you are able to work each muscle group three times a week because each workout you are never over working your muscles and giving them the perfect stimulus they need for growth,  Your recovery time will be much quicker with the X3 than weights.  This goes against everything the body building world has known.  Soreness is not a sign of a good workout, it is a sign of overtraining.