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The conjecture behind this is that individuals may be running out of ATP glycogen and creatine phosphate before they go anaerobic this would also explain why the recovery times are so short between workouts.

If you are on the edge... (More)

Adam Kelly
Just a programmer who likes to stay fit

This is something I’ve experimented with quite a bit. In my experience, any amount of alcohol will affect performance negatively, but to what degree depends on the person. Alcohol also affects sleep, which is important for workout recovery (among other... (More)

Most people experience no soreness using the X3. Soreness comes from going anaerobic, meaning contractions without properly oxygenated blood. The fatigue comes on so fast with X3, this does not happen. The conjecture behind this is that individuals may be... (More)

Within the first couple weeks of using the X3 you may be sore even after only one set per exercise. After you adapt to this new way of training that brings a much greater level of fatigue than weights can... (More)