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Asked a question 13 days ago

If I have some back issues, is there an alternative to bent rows?

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I don't have back issues, but my back would burn out at first on this exercise.

You just have to try it with the lightest band.

If you can't, the other option I can think of is installing rings on a beam in your garage and somehow attaching a band around you and something on the ground.

Rings can be adjusted to hang low to the ground so you can do rows at an angle facing up.

Attaching the band to yourself and an anchor on the floor is the tricky part. I don't really know what to tell you about that. Perhaps you could ask someone to step on the band as you do that one set for the exercise?

A bent row is primarily a back exercise. If you're not feeling it in your back muscles then you're doing something wrong. If you're feeling it in your spine, something is very wrong.

Honestly, if you have back issues you should consult your doctor before taking on any back or core exercises. 

Perhaps my experience can help? I've got back issues that don't act up as long as I have good form, especially keeping a straight back and my core engaged. If I get sloppy on the bent row or squats I immediately feel it in my back. It'll take some practice to keep your back straight. 

Also, please be careful attaching the bands to other objects as there've been a number of people who ripped the anchor or door and injured themselves. Most things aren't designed to support the high loads X3 bands provide.